Siem Reap, Cambodia

I’ve just given up sleeping on the buses here. I get sick, fall over in an old man’s lap (or he falls asleep in mine), and smell vomit throughout every bus ride. I give in to it now. It’s fine.

I met a man from a kibbutz in Israel who farms dairy cows and is fine with that until the day he dies. Another man from a kibbutz in Israel seems to want nothing more than the perpetual high that Cambodia can offer, since every drug is available here. Both of these men are named Edo, and they never met each other.
I was witness to a Cambodian party, where teenagers did traditional dancing (barely moving with their hands in waves) to songs like “SHE HIT THE FLOOR–NEXT THING YOU KNOW”. The men copped out early.

Counter-Strike has officially swallowed Asian gaming. In PC rooms in Korea, Thailand and now Cambodia, I hear the sweet sounds of “HEADSHOT”

I met a group of three Germans, each one from a different part of Germany. None of them had ever heard of Hegel or Heideggar. I spelled it out for them. Still nothing. I think I was taught that these philosophers were of epic importance to Germans, but apparently they find it hard to give a shit. I ended by singing a verse from Beethoven’s 9th symphony to placate our cultural wars.

Most travelers I meet can be separated into three groups – sexpats, drugpats, ecopats, and the few people who just criticize all the others. I fall into the latter.

I arrive in Siem Reap with a man holding a sign that says “Kris,” Apparently the last hostel had given out my information. He took me to a very nice hotel with no running water that was $3 a night and had some hot black girls from the U.K. so I thought I’d stay.

People are extremely nice in Seim Reap. After walking some friend home, I was lost at around 1am last night in my usual “Ï dunno where I am–shit here comes a storm cloud!”-phase. Some Cambodian guy picked me up and drove me around for half an hour looking for my hotel, and never asked for money.

Cambodia has bedbugs. And nude children running around everywhere like in a diaper commercial. It’s hard getting to know Cambodian people when they keep asking you for money. The only ones open to harmless chat seem to be the ladyboys, who just like the attention.

The temples at Ankor Wat are gorgeous, amazing, and old as hell. You might remember some from the Mortal Kombat games:

My favorite was the “jungle temple”:

So that’s Seim Reip. Now to jump on a motorbike back to my hotel, and get offered to sleep with Cambodian girls for “Cheap cheap!” I always tell them I have a girlfriend and she would get mad, they always say: “Yes, I have girlfriend too, they no ask!”
Good times…
And so, prostitution makes its comeback! Let me get this straight: Every male in South East Asia is a pimp and a drug dealer.  That’s an extremely racist epithet! Yet once the sun goes down, it’s difficult to walk the street for more than five seconds without someone coming up to you, spouting: “You want a girl?” then “you want marijuana?” then “how about…” and the list of drugs goes on.
Not all of these people have drugs or women to sell, but they do know where and how to get it, and (I’ve heard) take “finders fees”. Even in the hostels I stay at, the male workers will always ask: “You want girl?” and when I say no, they lower the price. Apparently the bargain deal is $10 an hour, about as much as a ticket to see the new Batman movie.
I should clarify, since my mom reads this blog and I know she’s curious–I don’t sleep with prostitutes. I have nothing against it personally, but to me it would be like getting to the top of Mount Everest by paying for a helicopter.
Naturally there’s a movement even in Cambodia to legalize it (don’t criticize it). I fully agree with this, as well as legalizing marijuana, though I’ve never smoked a joint or paid for sex. These women need rights, not imprisonment:
At any rate, I think I’m supposed to be in Seattle soon, for…something?

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