The Art of Plunge

This blog has now begun. Initially created to log my reading for the English Literature Exams, “Plunging” is a blog dedicated to the Art of Plunge in three meanings, all of which are summoned in every reiteration of this term: (1) plunging, as in diving headlong into (2)  a plunger, painfully sucking up thick, insalubrious detritus from a dark chasm unspoken of in our day to day existence (3) plunging a bet, as in, speculating highly upon,  foregoing practical logic for extravagant intellectual breakdancing.

All of these forms of plunge will be tried at once, with bitter hostility and an increasing anticipation of my own resentment towards the faculty who will take me through this. My list is comprised of American Literatures of Race, Class and Immigration, 1882-1965, Literatures of Asian Diasporas, 1965-2009, and Theories of Political Economy/Globalization, Ideology/Subjectivity and Cultural Production.

An audience for this is meant to be none other than myself, though I leave this blog open for any curious minds who might seek summaries on the readings involved, other points of views, or an honest, reader-response account of what it us like to read these texts in accordance with one another. Since anyone reading these blogs will be uninvited, I take into account no “hurt feelings,” offensive language, fallible logic or my own tendency to misread texts. Any comments will be appreciated and responded to.

My personal goal is to write for about an hour at the end of every day, reflecting on the reading accomplished.


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