Featured on Wigleaf’s Top 50 Short Fiction Stories of 2013

Nominated for the Pushcart Prize for “The Fog” in The Quotable.


“Interview with Kawika Guillermo.” Anak Sastra. January 31, 2014.

“Smoking with Kawika Guillermo.” Interview by Brandon Wicks. Apr 2012


Reading of “What Fell Beneath the Tracks” by Brad Powers


“The Last of Its Kind” reviewed in Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond: “The last magician hunts the last dragon in the days of a decaying imperium. Sad, poignant tale.”

“No Name Islands” review: “I think this story was the most visceral for me, despite how short it is. Here, too, we are in a speculative world of what might be with regard to ecology, this time with terraforming. The final image in this story will haunt me for a long time.”

“No Name Islands review on The Star.

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